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'The Arrival of Fergal Flynn'

For sixteen year old Fergal Flynn, growing up in 1980s Belfast isn't easy. His father and brothers despise him; he’s his mother’s crutch one day, her punching bag the next; he has no idea what he wants to do with his life; and he fancies one of the boys in his class… Fergal just wants to belong – but knows he never will. When handsome young Father Mac arrives in the parish, Fergal embarks on a whirlwind journey towards a new life. As their relationship deepens, he discovers his sexuality, his talent for singing and the wonderful, terrifying opportunities the world has to offer.

Funny, tender and unflinching, The Arrival of Fergal Flynn is the story of a young man struggling to find his voice against all the odds. This novel allows us to see the rich source of talent that has made Brian famous. Having the book published is a personal triumph and one that has required hard work, dedication and a willingness to share a part of one's soul.

Quote from Brian:  "I managed a wee rest in Greece where I also final-proofed my novel which is out in the first week of September. It brings me back to the nervous weeks before my very first album came out in 1990… So, my first book called ‘The Arrival of Fergal Flynn’ is about to arrive. I never worked harder on anything in my life and the Editors at Hodder have been amazing. What a learning curve. I’m hoping to head out on a reading/signing tour as soon as I can so watch the website for details." 

Publisher: Hodder Headline. Publication Date: 1st September 2004. Binding: Paperback.

ISBN: 0 340 83229 0. EAN: 9780340832295


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