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Songs To Heal A Broken Land - NHS Tribute For Covid 19 Rehabilitation

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

A host of local musicians have collaborated to sing an emotive rendition of The Adventures’ hit single Broken Land, re-written by the band’s lead guitarist Pat Gribben, to thank the NHS.  The fundraising single will simultaneously help to raise money for life-changing research at Queen’s University for survivors of COVID-19.

Produced and edited by Cormac O’Kane from Red Box Studios in Belfast, the ‘Band Aid’ style video features 26 artists including Brian, Terry Sharpe, front man of The Adventures, Peter Corry, Brian Houston, Derek Ryan, Duke Special, Jim Brown and Cliona Hagan, all of whom recorded their message of hope in isolation from their own home. Local NHS nurses, who have worked tirelessly and selflessly on the front line, also appear on the video which is set to go viral.

Brian says; "I had no hesitation getting involved in this project as not only is it a small gesture to say thank you to the NHS, but I've been close friends with The Adventures for over 30 years.  The band is from West Belfast too and we started cutting our teeth in the music scene around the same time.  Broken Land is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs from the 80s and I feel humbled to be involved in this worth-while fundraising campaign." 

Pat Gribben is encouraging everyone to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the video on their social media platforms: “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, in particular Cormac O’Kane from Red Box and Petra Ellis. Our health is our wealth and the NHS are the guardians.  All who work there are the best, we can never be thankful enough.  Our hope is that this small musical gesture can make a difference. Please give whatever you can to help raise money for our nominated charity.


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