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'Folkie' - Brian's Folkie CD

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Brian, returns to his roots with the announcement of his new album "Folkie", which will be released on May 27th. One of Irelands most inspired and revered ambassadors of music, Brian is in high spirits with a renewed sense of vigour, following a major heart attack and a quadruple bypass operation that saved his life in the summer of 2021.

No stranger to challenging times along his phenomenal three decade career, and looking forward with music as his lifeblood, Brian will be releasing "John Condon", which serves as the lead track off of the highly anticipated record, on May 13th.

Speaking of Folkie, Brian said, "It came about very naturally. I knew it was time to make another album when my friend Neil Martin sent me live recordings we had done with his West Ocean String quartet from a few years ago that I had completely forgotten about. A few of the songs like “The Verdant Braes of Screen” and “Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies” were recorded at a live gig and it started a hunger in me to do more. We had already recorded “I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me” and the rest followed very naturally. I had heard Mary Dillon sing “John Condon” years ago and I always wanted to do it so this seemed like the perfect project. it is an anti-war song and we wove a verse from “The Stolen Child” into the heart of it because war had stolen so many children then and now."


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