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Get On With Your Short Life with New Airs

Brian and New Airs 'Get On With Your Short Life' is available now on all streaming and download services. We mentioned in January that Brian teamed up with New Airs who have sprinkled their magic to bring you this beautiful version of Brian's song - 'Get On With Your Short Life'. Now it is available to listen and download, from the links below:


iTunes and Apple Music:

Amazon Music:

The production is directed by Irish composer, arranger and producer Glen Austin with singer and co-producer Rachel Voloczi. NEW AIRS record live studio recordings at various unique venues around Ireland and have featured on RTE Lyric, RTE 1, BBC Radio Ulster, UTV, Radio Na Gaeltachta and all of Ireland’s leading publishers including The Irish Independent, Hot Press Magazine, Irish Central, and The Irish Mirror and The Irish Tatler Man.

To view the new version of 'Get On With Your Short Life' please visit:


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