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'Roman Song' - Brian's novel

'Roman Song' - Brian's new novel is out NOW!

'Roman Song' is the much anticipated sequel to Brian's novel 'The Arrival of Fergal Flynn'. When Fergal Flynn's remarkable singing talent is discovered by world-renowned opera star Alfredo Moretti, the young man sets out from his native Belfast for Rome, to study under the famous singer. This new, sophisticated world is a far cry from working-class Belfast. But Fergal soon finds out that escaping from a troubled past is not just a matter of geography. The more he tries to disguise his rough edges, the harder it becomes for him to unearth his true voice. He must dig deep if he is to rise to the challenge.

Moving back in time to the glamour of 1950s Venice, Roman Song also tells the story of three leading lights of Tosca - Alfredo, Marla Davis and Brendan Fiscetti - and of Amelia, the beautiful widowed countess, whose entrance stage-left creates a bitter rift between the three companions. When, three decades on, Alfredo gets word that Brendan Fiscetti is starring at the Teatro where Fergal works backstage, it becomes clear that Fergal is not the only one running from his past. 'Roman Song is an enchanting and funny tale of coming to terms with your true self, and of how facing your demons can open the door to the fulfilment of dreams.

Due for release on trade paperback in Ireland on 29th October 2005 through Publishers - Hodder Headline Ireland. ISBN: 0340832312


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