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‘Best Friend’, Stay Safe! With Brian Kennedy and Down Syndrome Cork - International Friendship Day

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Brian’s song ‘Best Friend’ features in the video created to raise awareness of the vulnerability of people with Down Syndrome to Covid 19. "With restrictions now being lifted we wanted to make people aware that the pandemic is still with us and that we need to be vigilant in order to protect those most vulnerable in society - who better to deliver this message than the children." (Dr. Eva McMullan).

The release of this video also coincides with International Friendship Day on July 30th. “I think the lockdown made us all reflect on the concept of friendship and many of the children found that their best friend during this time was their siblings or their Mum and Dad. This is depicted so beautifully in this video.” (Dr. Eva McMullan). This video also emphasises the importance of Lamh signs which was lead by Dr. Pauline Frizelle, accompanied by the children. "Lamh is such an important method of communication to help build friendships and include all people in society" (Dr. Pauline Frizelle). “The interest shown and the joy displayed by the kids in Best Friend made it compelling to direct and edit and makes it compelling to watch.” (Conor Slattery).

Directed by Conor Slattery (International Film Director) and Produced by Dr. Eva McMullan (Music4Children and Department of Music UCC) in association with Dr. Pauline Frizelle (Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences UCC), Down syndrome Cork and with the kindness of Brian Kennedy (performer and songwriter)


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