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A Love Letter To Joni

On November 7th 2013, legendary Singer, Painter, Writer, Musician Joni Mitchell celebrated her 70th Birthday. With an incredible Global career spanning over 40 years, she is considered one of greatest musical geniuses of her generation. To celebrate this milestone birthday, Brian wanted  “A Love Letter to Joni” to be released in November 2013.


Speaking about Joni, Brian said: "I want to honour Joni’s big birthday by releasing my version of her iconic song 'River' as the first single from my album called 'A Love Letter to Joni', which features 10 of my most favourite songs of hers. It was a hard choice but I’m over the moon.


I was lucky enough to tour with her across America with Van Morrison and Bob Dylan all sharing the bill. Please join me in celebrating this Canadian icon of song while we still have her!”

A Love Letter To Joni

  • Tracklisting:
    Night Ride Home
    A Strange Boy
    Michael from Mountains
    You Turn Me On I'm A Radio
    Little Green
    Free Man in Paris
    A Case Of You
    The Fiddle And The Drum

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