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Christopher Street

Brian Kennedy

Christopher Street was busy tonight
when I made my way back home
One of these nights I’ll turn on the
light like that taxi by the payphone


Well I’ve been here a week but it feels
like more and God knows how long I’ll last

I picked up the mail from the hallway floor

and I’m finally making peace with the past

Most of my friends are busy tonight
just getting their kids upstairs
How did our lives change so fast
You just never know what’s up the road ahead


Sheridan Square was crazy today
When I took the train uptown
It started to snow but I just didn’t care
‘Cause I never dreamed I’d be Broadway bound


Now Christopher Street has quietened down
Seems even New York needs to sleep sometimes
One of these nights when I turn out the lights
I’ll find you waiting to love me…


One of these nights when
I put out the lights
I’ll thank the stars up above me..
On Christopher Street

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