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GoLoud Presents
Around The World In 80 Gays

Around the World In 80 Gays Podcast

It is with Pride that GoLoud announced on Friday 24th June 2022 the launch of Around The World in 80 Gays with Brian Kennedy and Katherine Lynch. A heart-warming, funny and thought-provoking podcast that celebrates gay culture, inspirations and icons.


In this weekly series, the hosting duo are joined by a range of entertaining and insightful guests to

hear unique, personal and funny reflections on life as a LGBTQIIA+ person and how rights and freedoms (or the lack of them) have shaped and shifted their lives.

Each delightful episode features; laugh out loud observations, personal and affecting “coming-out” stories and shameless name dropping to beat the band. That’s all to be expected when you pair Brian and Katherine and let them loose on Anna Nolan, Martin Ward, Bill Hughes and a host of other fantastic guests from Ireland and… Around The World.


Meet the hosts:


Our Brian is not only a gay man, he’s also a multi-platinum recording artist who’s played the biggest stages from Carnegie Hall to Glastonbury. Brian has also performed in Riverdance on Broadway (baby) and delighted Irish audiences as a judge on The Voice of Ireland. He’s very shy when it comes to talking about having toured and collaborated with everyone from Joni Mitchell to Boy George or his experiences growing up on the Falls Road in Belfast. Brian will announce his new podcast on stage at Glastonbury later today.


Our Katherine is Ireland’s campest straight woman. Since winning Alternative Miss Ireland in 1998 she’s made a name for herself as an Irish TV favourite, starring in; Wagons Den, Working Girls and Wonder-Woman. She’s appeared on Dancing With The Stars and is an accomplished actress and singer as well as being the former housemate of Brian Kennedy. You can catch Katherine on Ireland AM’s Pride coverage tomorrow on Virgin Media Television, where she’s assured us she’ll be plugging the pod.


Production Notes:

Around The World in 80 Gays was created and hosted by Katherine Lynch and Brian Kennedy. The series is produced and edited by Esther O’Moore Donohoe (EO'MD Podcast Productions). Episodes are recorded at Go Loud Studios and the show is executive produced for GoLoud by Dee Reddy.

Friday 24th June 2022

Listen now to a boxset of 3 camp-filled episodes featuring:

Our hostsRory Cowan and Chancers host Paddy Smyth.



Katherine says:

“I want to be part of this podcast as I always want to support and accept equal civil rights, gender equality and LGBTQI+ movements and I want to hang out with my pals who I’ve grown up with in Dublin and who have shown me true courage and resilience. I’m happy when I’m surrounded by my gay, Transgender community.”


Brian says:

“Our Podcast series is the closest Katherine Lynch and I will ever come to having offspring together! I’m so proud that we get to give birth to this very special series during Pride month. I love a good conversation and I really feel like I’ve been educated by our guests take on their gay journeys so far. Certainly we all can agree that knowledge is power and there isn’t one way to be anything these days, especially in the LGBTQI+ community. I don’t think we’re trying to change society necessarily - we’re just trying to reflect it, which is why I’m so excited for you all to hear this Podcast. HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE. Love BK x “


Dee Reddy, GoLoud’s Head of Content Development added:

“I’m thrilled to be releasing this podcast to mark Dublin Pride. Katherine and Brian are uniquely talented, funny and warm-hearted individuals who won us over immediately with their witty title and hilarious yet inclusive content. I’m delighted that GoLoud has been able to support their vision at a time when amplification and allies are needed by the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland.”


Kiela Brodigan, Digital Director at Bauer Media Audio Ireland commented:

Our goal in GoLoud is to create and support the creation and promotion of great audio content; content that is not only entertaining and immersive, but also reflects the wonderfully diverse society we live in.  Brian and Katherine do just that with this podcast, and we are delighted to welcome them into the GoLoud community.  With the audience scale that GoLoud and Bauer Media Audio Ireland has in this market we are very excited the opportunities this partnership can deliver to our audiences and advertising partners. 


GoLoud Presents: Around The World in 80 Gays launched, Friday 24th June and is available first on app and online with the GoLoud player.

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