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2004 Rumours

  • 'On Song' Volume II
    Rumour has it that Curb Records are planning to release a CD from Brian's second BBC TV series of 'On Song'. 

    The unconfirmed release date would be around the end of February or early March 2005.  Keep checking the hot off the press page for up-dates.

2003 Rumours

  • Brian may head to Australia
    Yes... all our friends down under should keep a close watch on the Hot Off The Press Page as rumour has it that plans are under way for Brian to tour Australia.

    Up-date on the 18th June 2003 -
    Yes the rumour is now over and it's official!  Brian is heading Down Under early July to participate in some solo shows and publicity appearances.  His itinerary is still being finalised so perhaps if you are in that area you may wish to monitor the local press.

2002 Rumours

  • Rumour has it that.....Brian's has been working on new projects:  
    As you know Brian has been very busy over the last year. As if touring the UK & Ireland is not enough for him, he has been involved on several other projects including:-

A new BBC TV Series:
Some of you may be aware that Brian has been recording a TV series for BBC Northern Ireland over the last few months. The series, due to be aired in the new year, looks at some well known Irish songs including Carrickfergus, Dirty Old Town, Danny Boy, The Auld Triangle & I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen and traces their history. 

Brian is to be joined by guests including Paul Brady, Sinead O'Connor, The Dubliners, Phil Coulter, Adrian Dunbar and lots more. The series has been shot on location around Ireland.  For example: The Auld Triangle was filmed in Kilmainham Jail, Dublin where Brian was  joined by The Dubliners.

Brian has already proved what a gifted songwriter he is. Well that talent extends to the printed word as well. In the past he has had several poems published, including Galway Swans for the Whoseday Book in aid of the Irish Hospice in 2000. He has recently had several short stories included in a book featuring Northern Irish writers. This is due to be published shortly.

And as if that was not enough he has also completed a novel which hopefully will be published as well.  Some of this work was done at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, in Ireland, a retreat for artists. This rural retreat provides space for artists to concentrate on their craft. There are none of the distractions of everyday life - like telephones, television etc. and they are free to work as they wish. The only condition is that all the artists in residence come together for a communal dinner each evening.

Up-date on the 14th October 2002 - Two of Brian's Short Stories - 'The Value of Flames' and 'The Sky Painter'  are to be published in the 'Breaking The Skin' Anthology - Volume 1 - New Irish Short Stories - due out on 18th October 2002.

2001 Rumours
  • Rumour has it that.....Brian is to join Paul Brady at Vicar Street
    Paul Brady will be playing 23 nights at Vicar Street, Dublin during October. He intends to cover the past thirty years of his music career, from the folk days though to his more recent recordings.  He is basically mixing the 23 nights with three separate shows. One covering his music from the days of Planxty. He will also be doing an acoustic set with his band and with invited guests, and it is rumoured that Brian will join him on one of these evenings.

    Up-date on the 4th October 2001- This has now been confirmed and Brian is due to appear on the night of the 28th October.
  • Rumour has it that.....Gerry Kelly will head to NY
    UTV chat show host Gerry Kelly will be moving from Belfast to the Big Apple for St Patrick's Day. The popular Friday night programme will be broadcast from downtown New York and rumour has it that Brian is due to sing on his programme

    February 2001 - this has now been confirmed. 
2000 Rumours
  • Rumour has it that.....Brian will head to NY
    For the fans that have been lucky enough to see Brian on his latest Irish tour, they will 'know' that the new year will see Brian heading for America. Yes, on each night of the tour Brian excitedly tells his audience that he is heading for New York, and now we have a little insight as to what might be happening ??.......

    Well it looks like he is starring on BROADWAY.... in New York. Rumour has it that Brian will have a vocal part, specially written for him in the legendary Riverdance production!

    26th January 2000 - This has now been confirmed.
1999 Rumours
  • Rumour has it that ..... Brian is to play in Belfast on 31st December 1999
    Brian might be headlining a free millennium bash outside the City Hall in Belfast on New Year's Eve.

    6th November 1999 - This has now been confirmed and will go ahead
  • Rumour has it that..... Brian is to play Cork
    There might be two warm up shows before Brian's gig at The Point. They will probably be in Cork on the 21 & 22nd November at Everymans. Watch the diary for further up-dates.

    Up-date on the 6th November 1999 - The 2 dates now confirmed are at the Cork Opera House (not Everymans) on the 3rd & 4th December.

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