Marie O'Neill, Ireland

Brian, you are always very kind about taking time to meet with the fans after concerts and performances, signing autographs and CD's, and posing for pictures. Honestly - does being approached this way become irritating and tiring or do you genuinely want to take the time to meet fans? There must be times when you just want to get out of the venue and go home so how do you manage to remain so consistently pleasant and friendly under these circumstances?

Well, Marie, The thing is, if I'm on a long tour and the promotion schedule is heavy then I will do everything I can to make sure my voice gets as much rest as possible to make sure I'm able to perform the best I can every night. One of the most exhaustive things is talking but of course sometimes I can't help myself. Once the new album and tour start then I will probably not be as free with my time after the shows for reason above......But I was genuinely touched that so many people took the time to come and say hello......I think It takes more energy to be rude and if It wasn't for the fans then I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now so I always try and bear that in mind......Thanks for the support. BK

Edith and Annemarie Hall, Holland
Hiya Brian, It's Edith and Annemarie here. Trust us to have a different question. Have you ever been to a fortuneteller / tarot-reader / astrologer and if so did the predictions come true? Do elaborate please (lol)
Good to hear you are planning a uk tour...don't work too hard now.. Hopefully we will have a chance to see you :) Lots of love and tulips...btw do you use that blue tulip mug we gave you a few years ago?

Yes I have been to a fortune teller many many years ago and she told me some very interesting things, mainly about my career. I think I was about 16 or 17 at the time and she said that my path was about communication and that I was going to end up playing my guitar and singing in front of a lot of people.......I didn't really play guitar much at that point so I took it with a grain of salt but she was right thankfully....Hope all is well there in the land of Tulips.....Sadly the mug is no longer with me but It had a good life......BK

Eamon Donoghue, Holland
Hey Brian, If you could live anywhere in the world, - Where would it be and why???? Hope you're doing O.K. and that Life is being kind to you!!! Love, Eamon.

Hello there Eamon, Well I'm very keen to go to India because my poet friend Cathal O' Searcaigh goes there every year and I've been threatening to go but it's always when I'm at my busiest...so one of these days I would love to go to Nepal or Russia.......Thanks for the question.......BK

Jan Feghia, UK
UK I am still wandering in the unknown! Did you ever receive the tea and biscuits sent for you and the band. Just wanted you to have a 'wee' drink on me, Ha! Ha! After meeting you and the guys after the Celtic Connections concert in Glasgow. Loads of love to you all. Hope life is good?
Looking forward to hearing you play sometime in the near future. Any plans to play here in the North of England? Any small venues on offer? Still carrying that torch!!!! Forever Connected. Jan.
Hello there Jan, Tea and biscuits always go down well with me and the band so thanks again for that......Keep watching the Website for gig news......BK

Rose Inman , USA
I recently saw you in a movie titled "This Is The Sea" (excellent movie) you
sang a song called A Man In Love, is the track on anything you've recorded
and can I get it here in the U.S ? How? I recently bought "A Better Man" it's great but that's all that's available, I want to hear more of your beautiful voice, any suggestions? Keep truckin', Rose
So you saw My screen Debut....My recording of those Mike Scott songs aren't available yet, There was talk of a CD soundtrack but The movie took a long time to come out and I think those plans were shelved. We recorded them live that morning in a place called "The Kitchen" in Dublin owned by U2 I think and then we spent the days being filmed. The master tapes do exist but I'm not sure where......One of these days though They will hopefully see the light of day.........The other CDs are available through Van's website as far as I hear or you could try someone in Ireland........Thanks so much for your interest in my music. BK

Shirley Harper, UK
I, like all your other loyal fans, would like to thank you for the constant pleasure that you bring to our lives! You mentioned one time in concert that you have asthma I just wanted to know if it affects your singing or your life in any way & have you ever tried any alternative therapies. I ask this question as I work as a reiki therapist as well as a nurse but now tend to rely more on alternative therapies. I also send you healing sometimes I hope you receive it!!!
Looking forward to hearing your wonderful voice soon & hope that you will have a gig in Edinburgh! At your last gig here at La Belle Angele I gave you a scarf & couldn't believe it when you came on stage wearing it - thanks for that! Take care Shirley xxxxxxxx
Hello there Shirley, Well the asthma has been a bit of a challenge throughout my life but I've managed to keep it under control whenever possible.....New York was actually great for it and it all but disappeared the whole time I was there.....I have to be careful of stuff like too much red wine unfortunately..and the non diary approach works although Sheeps cheese doesn't seem to bother me too much..........The best thing is exercise of course in the fresh air, carefully at first though and I don't go anywhere now without my inhaler as I got into trouble a few times and ended up in the emergency room but that was own stupidity.......Can't wait to get back to Edinburgh....Thanks for all your positive thoughts........BK

Chris Drake, UK
Hi Brian, I'm looking forward to seeing you at Cambridge in July. It's ages since my friend and I travelled to Dublin especially to see you at the Point. It was the first time I'd seen you live and you were everything and more than I'd hoped for. You come across as having a good sense of humour. What or who makes you laugh and what's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you? Good luck with the new album and please, please, please release it in England. Kindest thoughts, Chris
Hey there Chris, I love good comedy and I think it must be the hardest thing to get up and transform an audience into fits of laughter......One of the first comedians I saw was Julian Clary at the Hackney Empire and I loved him. I was also fortunate to see Eddie Izzard in a wee pub in Islington before he started filling huge theatres and that was something else.......There is a comedian who is dead now called James Young from Belfast and he was a genius always go back to his videos and although his humour is colloquial I still think he's My favourite......I recently got the chance to go to the opening of "STONES IN HIS POCKETS" and that was fantastic. The actors were incredible [Conleth HIll and Sean Campion] and Marie Jones' writing was inspired.......Hope youse get a chance top see it......BK

Rosie Delmaestro, UK
Hi Brian, You've probably heard/read it a thousand times or more but your music is unique and so special. You have a voice of an angel and you are so entertaining on stage - when you perform your concerts you give the feeling that you performing on a one-2-one basis and that's why your concerts are so fantastic.
Anyway, that wasn't my main question...my question to you is why is it so difficult to get hold of your material in England? I have had to make friends with a chap that works in a record shop in Belfast who then forwards your CDs as soon as they are released to a shop in London for me.......such a sweetie I know .... but somehow I a release of yours slipped thru the net! I'm still trying my best to find it - it's the one you appear on Ronan Keating's album.
The song on Ronan's Album is called "When the world was mine" and I'm
singing some harmonies with myself as well as Him...It's on his album so check the Discography section of my website and you'll be able to get all the details courtesy of Jane and Lynne's hard work.......A video would be great one of these days too......Keep the faith. BK

Kate, USA
Brian, I know from some of your past interviews that you are a big book lover. I share that same passion. Are there any books you would recommend that have made an impression on you, especially books for the inner spirit? Kate
Well Kate I think that any good literature feeds the spirit....I loved "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED" when it first came out. I go in phases with Authors, I mean if I find one I like then I tend to read everything by them like Anne Rice for example who wrote the Vampire Chronicles, That partly inspired my song "For one Kiss." I Love the Irish Authors Like Colm Toibin and Pat Mc Cabe and I especially like Good short stories as It suits my pace when I'm travelling........Can you recommend any gooduns? BK

Jake Clayton, UK
Hi Brian, Is your hair long again? I think it always looks better like that, kind of Irish. I just wanted to say that A Better Man was probably the best album I have heard in a very long time, maybe in my life, to me it's up there with the greatest like Kate Bush and James Taylor, but did you think it was over produced??
I really enjoyed the gliding and swooping of your voice as it mixed with the clean and precise instruments and backing vocals. I mean, I really thought it mixed well with the background, especially on The Oldest Dream In The World, very poignant. I enjoyed the follow up just as much, but was it sparser, or maybe more open sounding, with less fullness. I am really looking forward to the new album, are there any release dates yet? And will it sound looser like the last album?? Many Thanks Jake
Hello Jake. The new Album is nearly finished which is why I haven't a had a chance to reply to your questions until now.....My hair is indeed long again and I'm glad you think it suits me better that way, although I've had the opposite response too......If you've got it grow it! That's what I say....
I take your criticism about the last two albums.......This one is looser and more Live in Parts and I've collaborated less on the writing this time which
is the first time since my debut album that that has happened......I'm very excited about it I must say and I'm off to NYC to hear some of the mixes next week that Kevin Killen has been working on.....I'm very honoured to be in the same company as Kate Bush and James Taylor in your collection...A man with good taste obviously.......We think the release date is the autumn so watch the web........BK

Joni McRae, USA
Hi Brian, I've got to first congratulate you, your music is very special to me and I truely hope things just keep getting better and better for you. Music means everything to me and I'm particularly interested in lyrics, I was just wondering who you admire lyrically and when you write music, do the lyrics come first or do you try and fit them around the music? Do you draw from
personal experience or are they usually fairly objective? Enjoy the rest of your NYC experience but don't leave us for too long!!! Love, Joni
Hello there Joni, Well one of the first Lyrics I remember having a lasting impression on me was "Four Green Fields" by The Flying Column....Then I heard "The man with the child in His eyes" By Kate Bush which Hypnotised me in My friends brothers back room, Mind you it was the delivery of those words too by Kate that was so moving. I adore how Joni Mitchell expresses herself and am constantly inspired by her albums. Van Morrison and Bob Dylan are also people I admire Lyrically. Chris Difford from Squeeze and Mark Nevin too. I think Morrissey is a wonderful wordsmith [pun intended] and Kirsty MacColl too.......
When I'm writing I don't always have words in Mind and in fact if I have a title only then that's a good start but words suggest themselves as I chip away or at least the sound of the words suggest themselves, so I just keep going until they emerge.....I do love to collaborate too with other people and they can often bring an attitude to a lyric that I wouldn't have thought of.......BK

Carmel Kearns (originally from Dublin) , U.S.A (originally from Dublin)
U.S.A Hello Brian, It's great to get a chance to ask you some questions! Are you still here in the U.S. recording your album or are you back in Ireland? I am a huge fan of your music but have not had the pleasure of seeing you perform your own music live. I saw you in Riverdance on Broadway last November and what a thrill that was! I am looking forward to the release of this new album and I want to know if you will be doing some gigs elsewhere in the U.S. after it's release to promote it. " Please come to Boston" with your band and you will be assured of a great welcome from your fans here in New England.
I know it may not be possible to see you here and we are planning to go to Ireland in March 2001 so maybe we can get lucky and see you at a gig at home! For the fans who are having trouble getting hold of your music, visit the CD Ireland website where I bought all the recent cd's and also the Gael Force video. It takes a few weeks to get the material but for the fans it's WELL WORTH THE WAIT ! God bless you on your travels and best of luck with the new album. Slan go foill.
Hi There Carmel, I'm typing to you from London but I'm getting ready to go back to NYC next week for the first mixing session of some of the new album. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and I hope to get back to Boston when The time is right so keep spreading the word.....slan BK

Dean Groom, UK
I am from the south of England and would like to know why your newest
album "Now that I Know What You Want" and all of the singles from that album were not released here in England? A fan like myself is now unable to get hold of your work. Will the next album you release be available here?
Anyway I would just like to say that I truly think that you are one of the most talented singers around today and wish you the best of luck for the future.
Oh Dean, Thanks so much for your thoughts and apparently if you visit the CD Ireland website then the CDs are available according to Carmel who asked the question before you....It's a constant source of anguish to me that someone cannot walk in off the street and buy one of my CDs so I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble..........I do appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm and look forward to the day when The CDs are more readily available......So far I have record deal for Ireland and no home as yet for the new one in England so fingers crossed eh. BK

Angela Burnett, UK
I have seen you live several times, each time being better than the last.
I couldn't believe my luck when I found out you were accompanying the Corrs in NY in March as this coincided with my visit there, but you can imagine how disappointed I was when I couldn't get a ticket for love nor money. I could actually see Radio City from my hotel window, so near and yet so far away!! I know you have played a few gigs in Arlene's recently, but I wanted to know if you have any plans to play later in the year, say Sep/Oct, when I hope to be back in NY? Angela. P.S. Looking forward to the new CD"
Hello there Angela, sorry to hear you were unable to get to Radio City and it was all a bit last minute for me too......I don't have immediate plans to play the US but if you keep watching the web then you'll be the first to know when I am...Thanks again for all the support..........I'm looking forward to the album too! BK

Rachel Hennessey
Hi Brian, are you going to do any more collaborations with Ronan Keating or is that friendship now finished?

Well Now, I just saw Ronan's show in Belfast and I thought it was great, Good band too!! We may well collaborate in the future when the time is right and Our Friendship is as strong as ever Thanks...........BK

Lynn Irwin Stewart USA
From everything I've read, music is your life but is there anything else that
you might have enjoyed doing as a career - that has absolutely nothing to do with music? After your appearance in "This is the Sea" and "Riverdance", would you consider acting in movies or doing another type of Broadway show (musical or non-musical)? I was privileged to see you in "Riverdance on Broadway" but would love to see you in concert, performing your own songs - since it's not likely that I will get back to NYC anytime soon, what are the chances of you ever performing in small venues around the US? Atlanta (which I could get to easily - yes, that's a scary thought, isn't it? I promise I'll behave!!) has several Irish pubs that feature performers. It would be a great way to give your many fans outside of NYC a chance to see you and for you to make new fans, as well.
Last but not least, I had read somewhere that you had (or were going to) record some songs in various churches and/or cathedrals - is this something that will happen and, if so, would this be released as a CD? I think it would be absolutely beautiful if you did this. Thanks, Brian, for making me smile.
Well I would consider a movie if I thought the part was interesting and the script was good......Whether I'd be any good or not is anybody's guess but I'm a trier if nothing else. My main passion is music though. Watch the web for American gigs and I would dearly love to visit Your Hometown and play so you never know.
I've made some recordings in churches which may see the light of day sooner than you think.......Like I said Watch the web for details.......BK

Lorna Crawford
Brian, first of all I have to say I love what you do and I'm waiting for the new album with baited breath! I was actually introduced to your music after I saw your brother Bap play at Filthy Macnasties in London. I'm a huge fan of both you and Bap even though your music is very different, I was wondering if you've ever considered collaborating or do you think your styles are too separate? Hoping to catch you at the Cambridge folk festival. Enjoy the rest of your time in NYC and cheers for the music! Lorna
Lorna Crawford, UK. Well now Lorna, I hope you like the new album when
It comes out, I'm very excited about it I must say. I was in Baps' band many
many years ago but we've never really collaborated beyond a recording of a Van song for a Peace project that got shelved........Like you say I think
our styles are at odds with each other. I'm looking forward to Cambridge very much......BK

Cornelia Frost,
The American Academy of Neurology has recently completed a study concerning musicians and whether they are born with musical ability, or if it is a 'learned' skill. You have often said that music chose you - not the other way around. Obviously, you have innate musical talent, but do you believe it is possible to be a successful musician without that inborn musical 'gene'? At what point did your parents actually realise you could really sing? And when did you first take up a musical instrument? Better still - and I ask this from the perspective of a parent who recklessly provided one child with a piano, and the other with a set of drums - how did your Mother's nerves survive having not just you, but also your older brother practicing/learning/rehearsing in the house?!
Good luck at the Cambridge Folk Festival - I'd love to be there, but can't. Cornelia
Strangely enough Cornelia I didn't do music very much in the house as I was growing up but I did hum to myself a lot, even while eating.....Can you imagine? Natural Musical ability is a real Mystery. There is no reason why I should open my mouth and make the sound that I do but of course I have worked at it too and tried not to abuse the instrument by Smoking or something......It's a good question though. I think the best that anyone can do is make music available through whatever means they have and if Kids are drawn to it then it will happen. In My case it happened against very many odds and I'm grateful beyond words.....It's interesting that some kids seem to have "IT" whatever that means....Good luck with your two and thanks for the question..........BK

Denise, USA
Brian, First of all, you were amazing in Riverdance. Your singing was fantastic. Now that you have had a real taste of NY, you know first hand of it's diversity. All you need to do is walk up Broadway for a few blocks to get a taste of the mix that lives in NY. There is one extreme to the other and everything in between. Every culture is represented in such a small space. Is your new album, the one you are working on, going to be released in the United States this time? It is still nearly impossible to find your work in this country. Thank God for your website and the wonderful connections it gives us to purchase your CDs. Do you plan to do any kind of a tour here? Are you also planning on staying in NY for awhile to soak up more of what it has to offer or are you itching to go back to the UK & Ireland? I am anxious to hear the NY influence on your upcoming album and wish you all the best with it. Denise
Well Denise , Had I not lived in Greenwich Village for as long as I did then I wouldn't have written some of the songs that appear on the new Record. I'm hoping that we can find a label in America willing to wade into the tide of all the other new releases so keep your fingers crossed and yes I agree about the website being so invaluable to keep the info coming. I'm Going back to NYC shortly to continue work on the album so I hope to have better news soon about it's global release schedule.. Thanks again for your interest, BK


Gill Heath, Leeds
You sang a Bonnie Raitt song for me in Birmingham which was wonderful. Have you performed it since? If not, why not? When can we expect some songbooks of your music. Hope the Irish shows go well. Look forward to your new album, and to seeing you in England in the near future. My deep respect always. Gill Heath
Hello Gill, Thanks for your message - I still watch the Bonnie Raitt video you gave me - and yes I do sing 'I can't make you love me' from time to time but I'm concentrating on new songs and the album is nearing completion - Thanks for all your support - The Irish tour was pure joy - see you at the next one. Love B.K.

Dave, Oregon, USA
On the recent West Coast tour, we were at the second night's show at the Gorge Amphitheatre. Although I enjoy your backup singing with Van, I was very disappointed that you did not get to sing solo during Van's set (as it seems you did at almost every other venue on that tour!) Why didn't you? Was it just a bad night? Joni Mitchell's music got me thru high school (!!) -- how was touring with her--did you get to hang out with her much, sing with her? She seems very friendly onstage.
I don't always get to sing solo on Van shows, sometimes there are time restrictions - sometimes Van feels like going straight on - it's a very changeable easy going thing - we do what feels right on the night.
Joni Mitchell is an incredibly generous spirited person, meeting her only increased my admiration for her gifts - a lovely warm woman with time for everyone - she gave me a beautiful compliment and an amazing print of her new album cover - we all nearly performed together but it didn't pan out - she asked me to sing on 'I shall be released' - the Dylan song - It really was an unforgettable tour. Thanks B.K.

Trystan, Australia
Brian, while you've been touring the far corners of the globe, have you ever met any fascinating, intelligent, wonderful individuals who have really made an impression on you?
Apart from the great Australian people including Bob Downe, I had tea twice with Quentin Crisp in New York. Thanks B.K.

Kenny Bendair, USA
You've toured all over the world, both with Van and in your own right. Artistic experiences aside, what part of the world has appealed to you the most and why?
That's a hard one to answer, I loved New Zealand & Australia - America has always been special to me because of it's vast culture and your love of music - I was very taken with The Gambia, West Africa - the people there were so trusting and friendly, which I found very humbling because of the devastation visited on them by generations of 'HONKYS' as you might say. Thanks B.K.

Beth Ann, USA
What is your favourite book .... and why?
I'm a big Anne Rice fan - I was spellbound by Pat McCabes' 'The Butcher Boy' & 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind. Thanks B.K.

Rosemary, California, USA
Hi Brian, I have only within the last few months become acquainted with your music, and am enjoying it very much. I think you have a wonderful voice! I know you recently appeared with Van Morrison in his West Coast USA tour, but I wanted to ask if you and your band are planning a return visit to Southern California sometime? We get Irish performers here quite often, in fact, Mary Black is coming to San Diego in October. We would really enjoy seeing you here, too. I am anxiously awaiting your new album and hope your tour goes well. Best always, Rosemary
Thanks for your interest - I just sang with Mary Black last night at my home town in Belfast - my new album is about 3/4 finished, so look out for tour/release news in the new year. Thanks B.K.

Iris, Iceland
How about coming to Iceland? In the summer time the sky change in the evening is incredibly beautiful and that is something you like, am I right? I am not sure how many fans you have here in Iceland, I discovered you only recently when I saw your picture on the front of Trans World Education, found this page on the net and bought your CD A Better Man (which was sold out in the first store I went to by the way), but I am now spreading the word. p.s. the water here is the best in the world.
Thanks for the invitation - I'd love to come to your Country - please contact my assistant Sharon Thompson on 0171 738 1919 if you or someone could organise a gig - we are very flexible - Iris's are also among my favourite flowers. Thanks B.K.

Karen, England
Your publicity always seems to emphasise your devoted and adoring female following and I notice the interview "A Better Man" published in The Irish Times was edited by this website. How do you feel about this?
I am very flattered by the female attention and grateful for any really - It's great to be appreciated and I like to make sure I give my best to every detail. Thanks B.K.

Snowbunny, USA
Brian, you are so busy with your career, you must need a refreshing vacation from the music business at some point. Would you like to learn how to snowboard?
I was a keen roller skater and I run a lot now - snowboarding? why not! Thanks B.K.

Chris Drake, Branston, Nr Lincoln, England
You have spoken about some of your childhood memories that were not altogether pleasant. My question is:- "What is your happiest childhood memory?" I hope the tour goes well and I'm looking forward to the new album. All the Best
Chris, One of my happiest childhood memories is one of being a toddler and sitting in a stream all day with the sun shining. Thanks for your support. Thanks B.K.

Angela McKay, Liverpool, England
Myself and my partner plan to come to the Dublin concerts,
at least one anyway. Seeing as we were "barred" from seeing you at the Lomax in Liverpool by a couple of over exhauberant "bouncers" (even though we had tickets) we did see you at the Royal Court which was fantastic. How's about a couple of tickets :-) cheers Angela & Frank
Hello there Angela and Frank.. I can't believe you were banned from my concert even though you had tickets. What is the world coming to.. By now you may well have been to Dublin several times over, this has been a busy year and I appreciate your efforts in coming to see me.. Please get in touch with my assistant Sharon (via the web-site) and she might be able to sort something out next time we come to a town near you.... thanks again B.K.

Darren O'Beirne, Ireland
Been a fan for years etc. Could never understand how success had proven allusive through much of your career. My question and indeed concern is this. In recent years I feel that your releases suffer from over production which detracts from your voice. Would you not benefit more from adopting a more Van type approach to achieving a looser feeling on records? I find more recent recordings perhaps being too sanitised and synthetic. I would love to hear your great natural voice next to more natural sounding music.
Funny you should mention it because we have just recorded 10 songs live in the studio with more emphasis on that way of recording - I sort of agree with you but it's hard not to flirt with modern production as well - I don't think it's that wise to be closed off to trying - but I take your opinion on the chin - Thanks for your interest. B.K.

Barbara, USA
Brian....When you were in New York City....Did you get a chance to see the city...If so, where did you go?????
Hello there, well typically I went to the village - and I was fortunate enough to take tea with Quentin Crisp - a fine city - so good they named it twice...... Thanks B.K.

Margaret Murphy, Ireland I've been a fan of yours for years now and I'd love to know if you have plans to release a video collection of your songs anytime soon - a live video release would be excellent as you excel live!! With best wishes - Margaret.
The Eternal Question - the live video debate rages on - personally I would love it - The 'Kelly' special for example - but right now the priority is the new album - Thanks for all your support. B.K.

Cornelia Frost, Ely, Cambs./Oil City, Pennsylvania
You have said in previous interviews that you suffer from asthma, so how do you avoid being affected (or are you affected?) by the smoke in some of the smaller sized venues? The Mean Fiddler is a good example. Bearing in mind that from a financial point of view many clubs would not wish to promote a no smoking policy, is there anything you would like to see done to improve the situation for yourself and the audience?
And have you bought an up to date map yet that tells you how to get from Liverpool to Cambridge without going through Bradford?!
Hello There - Yes I can definitely find Cambridge now - just don't ask Thomas Lang... The asthma is behaving itself because I run so much - We always make a polite announcement before the show - I'm not a big fan of banning things because obviously it would make it more attractive - better ventilation in the roof - any ideas? People seem very accommodating when approached correctly - although I have had exceptions - I always think of poor Roy Castle at times like these. Thanks BK

Lynn McEwan, Scotland
Brian, I love your new songs, and I think your work is getting better and better. I think though that your songs always sound much better live, it's as if the recordings don't do them justice! My question is, would you consider in the future, (as I know you're concentrating on your new material) releasing a live album, and also in the future, releasing an album of some of the cover versions you do in your shows which you have not (well, not that I know of!!) recorded anywhere yet? I'm thinking particularly of 'Everybody Hurts' and 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', which was absolutely magical when I heard it at King Tut's.. It moved me to tears! All the very best with the new album. Take care...hope to see you back in Scotland very soon!!
Hello there and thanks for your recent questions. I would love to make a live album and Believe me we have come close a couple of times but it was not to be.... one of these days though. The songs you mention like "First time ever" are of course songs I care about very much... there are no immediate plans to record them but again I will do it as soon as it is appropriate... Calum agrees.... The new album is shaping up nicely... King Tuts is one of our favourite places to play... Thanks B.K.

Kay, England
Have you ever read "Astonishing the Gods" by Ben Okri?
Well Kay, I have not even read "The Famished Road" by the same author.... Do you think that I should read "Astonishing the Gods"? My book pile is always high but touring is a good place to read.... Thanks for your interest B.K.

Cathy, Florida, U.S.A.
Do you have any plans to pursue your career in the US aside from your work here with Van Morrison? I've thoroughly enjoyed your live performances and thanks to modern technology have been able to obtain your recordings from the UK, but would love to hear more of you in the US.
Hello there Cathy, I've been doing a lot less work with the wonderful Van and been concentrating on my next solo moves which include a new album and my manager was talking about organising a trip to America in late January to start spreading the word there, so do look out for me in a venue near you and this wonderful web-site is the best way to find the most up to date information on my travels. Thanks for your interest. B.K.

Anthony Lawrence, Australia
When was it that you first decided to turn mimicry into an art form and echo everything Van sings?
Well Anthony, I don't think I echo everything Van says. It was just something that we got into for a while.... on the last album of his and subsequent stuff we recorded, I am harmonising more with him rather than after him. Thanks for your interest in this web site. B.K.

Tormund, Norway
How does Van Morrison like the intro and outtro you are giving him at his concerts. Like he is a God or something (Is he?). Maybe he has told you to do so? Will you sing on Van's next album? Both you and Katie Kissoon has given Van's music a special touch! Thank you!
Hello There, I think the intros befit the man and the same goes for the outros... respect where it's due and all that. Also the show is a revue style show and that is what happens when you see someone else like James Brown whom we had the honour of touring with a couple of years ago.... I have contributed to some recent recordings with Van.... Whether they come out as his new Album is as always his decision but if they are anything like the songs I sang on then you are in for one hell of an album. I love singing with Katie Kassoon and I'm glad you appreciated what we were doing. Thanks for the interest B.K.

Sian Gibby, U.S.A.
Are you interested in Irish folklore, like the supernatural kinds of studies Yeats was into at the beginning of the century? I was in Galway a couple of years ago, and I guess I thought more Irish people still thought the idea of things like fairies was not *so* outlandish, but that didn't seem to be be the case. It just seems that a singer who was Irish might be interested in that kind of a historical and folkloric tradition, since it's so bound up in the singer and the song. Thanks very much!
Hello Sian, I think what you are talking about is easily misunderstood. I am interested in the things you mention because as you rightly say they are in some way connected to the singing tradition in terms of keeping the medium alive... It was once the only way of preserving information when the Irish language was in danger of being extinguished... There is a beautiful book that a friend gave me called "ANAM CARA" which is Gaelic for soul mate and it's written by a man called John O'Donohue.... The subtitle is "Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic world" and I recommended it highly.. Thanks for your interest....B.K.

Adrielle Justin, Ireland
Brian, with you travelling as much as you do, it must be really hard to maintain friendships/relationships. Do you have anybody 'special' in your life at the moment?
Hello there, yes, friendships are hard to maintain so I have to constantly work at it - I'm lucky in that some of my friends have been in my life since I was a boy and so they are very understanding ~ There are a few "special" people in my life I'm glad to say. Thanks B.K.

Kathryn, Cambridge,
UK Do you have any plans to record your version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face?
Yes I do have plans to record 'first time ever' - the right time will present itself I feel - maybe a live record? who knows - I'm glad you like our version. Thanks B.K.

Maria O Neill, Dublin
After the Concerts in August in Dublin, when will you be playing Dublin again?. I'll miss these concerts unfortunately.
Hello there, I've just been confirmed as one of 'The Bee Gees' guests when they come to the RDS on Aug 29th - other than that, the new album release will dictate the next major tour. Thanks B.K.

Marilyn, Australia
When will we see you next in Australia?
Oh Marilyn, I want to come to Australia so much - what a lucky person you are to live there - keep surfing the web for info - Thanks B.K.

Fiona Miller, London
What makes you laugh?
'Roseanne' makes me laugh - 'Frasier' - The Simpsons - and of course a good filthy joke - my new hair cut first thing in the morning! - Thanks B.K.

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