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Updates for 16th August 2012

Gold for Brian by Patricia Karling

Brian really enjoyed Patricia's story and we wanted to share it with you.

Patricia Karling contacted Presenter Paula White at her local radio station - BBC Radio Stoke (Stoke-on-Trent), Paula who does a daily show at 1pm, very often plays Westlife's version of 'You Raise Me Up, so Patricia sent Paula a text while it was playing, asking if she would play Brian's version.

Well Pat says "She read my text out over the air and then said she had never heard of Brian (cheek), but she would try to get it for tomorrow's show, so I sent her another text telling her that Brian was Irish and he is a hunk and that he had sung it at George Best's funeral, so she read that out as well".

Paula then received another text from a Daniel O'Donnell fan saying they thought his version was better, then Josh Groban fans also joined in, so Paula noticed that Patricia had opened a can of worms, and announced on air that tomorrow she was going to listen to all three versions before her show, then play a bit from each and let the listeners decide which was the best version.

Move forward 24 hours and Paula played little clips from all 3 recordings and listeners had to either call or text with their vote. Patricia says "Brian was in the lead, then it was a tie with him and Daniel, and then just before the end of the show she would announce the winner, and it was as I expected, way ahead with the Gold going to Brian Kennedy, Silver to Daniel, and the Bronze to Josh".

Well you can imagine Patricia's delight when she heard the result and Paula played the full length of Brian's version! Well done Patricia!

Thank you Patricia for sharing this story and for making the radio station aware of this.... perhaps you could start a campaign and get others to follow? Now there's a thought!