Release Date:
Ireland: 7th March & The UK: 10th March

Track listing
Get It Right Next Time

Answer Me, My Love
Let's Stay Together
I Can Let Go Now
Stuck In The Moment
For The Good Times
Brown Eyed Girl
Missing You
Night and Day
You Are So Beautiful
Dreaming My Dreams

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Catalogue Number: CURCD 237

A long time coming but undoubtedly well worth the wait for many, this album will satisfy loyal Brian Kennedy fans worldwide, while attracting newcomers to the incomparable voice and talents of this multi-gifted artist.

His first album to be released in 2008 but sixth in a series under the label of Curb Records, Interpretations is set to give new meaning to the expression ‘covers’ in the contemporary world of music.

Known for his diversity of talents and an acclaimed songwriter himself, Brian Kennedy has the reputation of approaching a song, whether his own, or another’s, with a depth of sensitivity that reaches the heart of the story.  His exceptional skill in precisely interpreting the original concept and making it his own, invariably enriches the  creation. This, combined with a unique perfectly pitched voice consistently labelled both soulful and one to charm the angels, provides the recipe for a story beautifully told. His personal comments in the liner notes say it all: “I offer my respect to all the writers of those extraordinary songs. My main concern was sticking to the brilliant melodies and lyrics that were so carefully and masterfully composed in the first place.” And indeed, he does.

Interpretations is an inspiring selection of some of the best chart-toppers in the last few decades of popular music. The thirteen tracks, spanning a wide spectrum of musical genres, covered time and again by the most legendary of performers, include eternal classics such as Van Morrison’s Brown-Eyed Girl, Joni Mitchell’s  inspirational version of Answer Me My Love (especially chosen by Brian), Billy Preston’s tender You Are So Beautiful To Me, Kris Kristofferson’s nostalgic For the Good Times, Cole Porter’s immortal Night And Day; also included are John Waite’s Missing You and  Allen Reynolds’ Dreaming My Dreams. Along with Declan O’Rourke’s vibrant Galileo (released as first single), Clifford T. Ward’s endearing Gaye and a variety of catchy, upbeat songs, Brian brings to all a fresh touch and new life, ensuring their continued survival well into the future.

Replacing his customary accoustic solo performances with a 40-piece orchestra and some of the best Irish exponents of rock music, Brian joins his co-producers/arrangers, Fiachra Trench  (credited for the string arrangements on ‘Fairytale of New York (the Pogues) and Billy Farrell (credited with his production and programming work for The Corrs and others), to share their extensive range of talents and mutual experience of performing live with many prestigious legends in the music industry – Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker – to mention a few. 

The result is an inspiring and refreshing look at a selection of ageless classics, smoothly and professionally delivered by a team of  the highest-calibre artists, each a master in their respective fields of music.

Interpretations is a must for collectors of classic hits or those who simply appreciate a heart-rending story in song, beautifully interpreted.

Tracks (showing songwriter and/or most popular cover artist):
1. Gaye  (Clifford T. Ward)
2. Get It Right Next Time  (Gerry Rafferty) 
3. Answer Me, My Love  (Joni Mitchell version)
4. Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
5. Galileo  (Declan O’Rourke)
6. I Can Let Go Now  (Michael McDonald) 
7. Stuck In A Moment (U2)
8. For The Good Times (Kris Kristofferson: cover Perry Como) 
9. Brown Eyed Girl  (Van Morrison)
10. Missing You (John Waite: cover Alison Krauss)  
11. Night And Day  (Cole Porter: cover Frank Sinatra)
12. You are so Beautiful  (Billy Preston: cover Joe Cocker)
13. Dreaming My Dreams (Allen Reynolds  writer for Gareth Brooks: covers Marianne Faithful/Alison Krauss)