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'Inside I'm Singing' By Secret Garden

Secret Garden are proud to announce the release of the Norwegian Edition of their new CD 'Inside I'm Singing'. The International release will follow during the first quarter of 2008.

'Inside I’m Singing' presents an amazing circle of different artists who perform different songs of Secret Garden. Brian is delighted to be singing 'You Raise Me Up' on the CD and has his exclusively detailed below his thoughts on the CD.

Other artists performing are - Barbra Streisand, Elaine Paige, Niamh Kavanagh, Peter Corry, Tracey Campbell, Tommy Körberg, Peter Jöback, Anne Takle, Espen Grjotheim and Steinar Albrigtsen.

For further information on the CD go to the Secret Garden website at

Message from Brian:

Dear friends... I want to tell you about a new album that I’m so proud to be associated with... It’s a collection of songs sung by different invited international singers called 'Inside I’m singing' by none other than SECRET GARDEN.

You may already know that I was the first artist ever to record their masterpiece 'YOU RAISE ME UP' with them. Well... they’ve decided to include it on this beautiful new album alongside artists like Barbara Streisand and Elaine Page to name but a few. I feel so honoured to be sharing an album with these incredible renowned artists. I remember recording 'You Raise Me Up' very vividly because it’s the kind of song that just takes you over. We knew it was special from the first note but little did we know how important it would become globally. Our little piece of history was made in Dublin at Windmill studios coincidently where I’ve recently recorded my 10th album called 'Interpretations' due out in early 2008.

'You Raise Me Up' is such a Chameleon of a song. It seems to be emotionally appropriate for both a very happy occasion or a very sad one like the George Best funeral, where I was privileged to be asked to sing it.

A singer is only as good as the song they sing and I think this new Secret Garden album is a must for anyone who loves real music. So... I hope you all enjoy it when you get a chance to hear it. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon...

Love Brian Kennedy.  December 2007