Celtic Connections Festival - Tuesday 17th Jan ’06

Marie Coffey.....
Went to see Brian performing at Celtic Connections for the first time. I had seen BK a couple of times in Scotland. Reid Hall, Edinburgh being one which in my opinion was the best intimate gig I was ever at. But this was to be my first C.C. and I can honestly say it lived up to all my expectations. Brian as always was in terrific form and it was great to see the band there with him ........definitely had to have the band at this venue. The Concert Hall was packed to capacity and Brian gave the audience what they had come for. Great music, great moves and an enormous amount of talent, not only from himself but from every member of the band.

Aisling and myself had travelled over on the Ryan Air One Cent Seats from Dublin and took the  train into Glasgow. Although we didn't have a lot of time to see the city we packed quite a lot in. I really enjoyed the Festival Club after Brian's gig. There was some amazing talent on stage including the Irish Dancers from the US and Canada. Pity Brian didn't perform there but then he must have been knackered by the end of the signing. He did look very tired!

It was lovely seeing all the familiar and new faces. Roll on a Dublin Gig!! The purse strings are getting tighter with all this following BK around the country and beyond and I have my husband on my case. Ha!! Maybe Brian might consider a gig at the Olympia as soon as the new album is released. Ah,  now there's something to look forward to!

Lovely show.  No set list, just go with the flow.  One women shouted for 'Different God', and so they played it.  Haven’t heard it in ages as you need the band for it, so it was brilliant, always goose-bumps stuff.  He did all the usual favourites.  He wooed the Glasgow audience, and they loved it!  And so did we!  Great trip, well worth the effort.

Catherine Deith......
Another convening of the 'Usual Suspects' last night for Celtic Connections, and a truly faultless performance from 'yer man'. Elaine had flown with FlyBe-K, Jackie with 'Bryanair' and Pat came by coach........Kennedy Express. Helen, Gina and I didn't have too travel too far........!! We met up for some lovely nosh in Langs hotel bar, and even a glass of wine or two was consumed by some (ME!).

Everyone was in high spirits and over the meal we discussed the forthcoming year for Brian and Elaine and Jackie told us all about their time in London at the Des and Mel show filming (lucky things).

Looking very trim and fit, Brian appeared on stage in jeans, black shirt and jacket and designer stubble and treated us to a sexy alternative intro to Get on With Your Short Life, punctuated with a few wolf whistles from the audience before being joined on stage by the band. We were treated to all the favourites....One Kiss, Curragh of Kildare, Raglan Road, The Island, Crazy Love. Someone shouted to Brian to sing Different God, and he duly obliged! It was stunning.........gave me goosebumps!!! Wish he would sing it more often live!! Brian was also joined on stage by Joanie Madden from Cherish the Ladies and we had a Brian singing Carrickfergus, accompanied by Joanie on Flute and whistle.

I couldn't believe it was over when Brian ended Captured with 'Thank you very much, Goodnight', but we had one last moment to savour when Brian sang You Raise Me Up with James Hallawell on keyboard.

As always, the signing queue was huge, but Brian had time for everyone - for my neice this was her first Brian Kennedy concert, and she was very excited to meet Brian. He called her a 'sparkly princess' and she was very happy with that! Jackie also had Barnaby Bear who wanted his photograph taken with Brian too........!

We were some of the last people to leave the concert hall before heading to the Festival Club - (I had a late pass for the evening!). Much to our disappointment Brian didn't sing at the Festival Club, but we did see Cherish the Ladies and Boo Hewerdine. By 3am and 4 Bacardi Breezers later, it was time for home......the end of another fantastic Brian Kennedy experience. It was nice to meet Aisling and Marie from Dublin and catch up with Julie H and Jacqueline, and Pat and Julie L too. Not forgetting our very own Jane and of course the 'Usual Suspects'..............Helen, Elaine, Gina and Jackie!!

Helen Baird........
Well, didn't we have a lovely time at Glasgow's Celtic Connections: Some flew by 'Flybe' and 'BrianAir' safely delivered friends old and new.

And possibly BA got BK there in one piece.  Aren't  we glad they did. Even Cinders left her fireside to get a bit of warmth emanating from the stage! It was lovely to meet some more of the familiar faces from the website photos.  Each concert is now more like a reunion than just another concert.

The band were superb together. The best since the Waterfront 2003 and the set list lived up to the usual high standard.  Yer man was in fine voice too.  No question.

Thanks go to the lady in the audience who requested that Brian sing 'Different God'.  She has asked at each of the last three Glasgow concerts to no avail. So glad you heard her this time, Brian.  It was perfect.

We were disappointed you didn't perform at the Festival Club this year.  We had to give up at about 2.30 am.  So perhaps next time?

But where's the next venue?  Is it Dublin, or Athens or London or Rome?  So long as there's transport, we'll get there from home! Cheers for now, Helen