The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester - Sat 3rd June 2006

Helen Baird......
This concert was a long time coming - or so it seemed anyway. After all, it had been more than 3 months since we had seen him live. Most of the "usual suspects" - as our little bunch have christened themselves - were blown in from all points North, West, East and South to Manchester last weekend.  And what a weekend it was. Unforgettable.  We even had to vie with the England footy fans for seats on trains.  Not one of us knew there was a football match at Old Trafford last Saturday - we thought they were all out to support BK!

Who could resist a weekend of meeting up with friends old and new, seeing BK in concert and shopping - yes, yet again I had to buy new shoes because the other new shoes blistered my feet!.  Our group may now be re-christened the "Elastoplast Army"!!!
I even had a personal chauffeuse - thanks to Catherine for getting us there safe and sound.  From now on all my journeys will not be measured in miles or kilometres but in Homebirds.  The journey from Central Scotland to Manchester only took three Homebirds - both cds, back to back! - one Celtic Heart and one CD from some Aussie blokes.

I can't say anything other than huge thanks for a first class concert, even if some of the audience seemed a little subdued - just wait till Glasgow Brian, we'll more than make up for it!  The selection of songs from Homebird was just right and our cheer of delight when we heard the opening chords of Silver Hearts on Chains didn't throw Brian off track!  Let's hope my plea to bring Eddi Reader on stage on Wednesday to sing it with you hasn't fallen on deaf ears.

The signing queue at the end was the longest queue I have ever seen at a BK concert - it was even longer than the check out queue at Primark on a very busy Saturday afternoon!  I think Brian's pen was running out of ink by the time Aisling got to the desk!

And it was great to see the Don Mescall queue was just as popular - Don's set was fabulous.   More of the same please for Glasgow!

I'm off to pitch my tent for the Glasgow queue - unreserved seating, concert sold out - can you imagine the scrum there'll be for good seats?  Mmmm, only 44 hours to go!

Joanne Jones, Chester.....
Being a new mum, any night out enjoying some time to yourself is special...but when you're spending it with Mr Brian Kennedy you cant get much more special than that!!! So thanks to my lovely husband ,who bought me the ticket, this was how I was spending my Saturday evening, the first night out I've had since the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Flynn.

I was so thrilled to be getting the chance to catch Brian playing live again, the last time being at the Manchester Academy when I was heavily pregnant last year! .I arrived at the Manchester Bridgewater Hall, quite a large modern venue, and immediately got those lovely butterfly feelings that I get when I go to see a Brian Kennedy show!. Tingling with excitement I took to my seat, just four rows from the front of the stage. It was great to be entertained first of all by the lovely Don Mescall, who came across as a very grounded, deep and sensitive singer songwriter. But then it was time for what we were all waiting for...

I sat with my heart pounding, wondering what Brian would open the show with. The music started up, a brand new track from 'Homebird' ...the great up-tempo 'What you wish for' which got everyone in the mood!

Brian was his usual witty self, which is what I love about his shows, no matter how many people he is performing in front of, he always manages to connect to every single person, something that he is able to do through being so down to earth, honest and sensitive.

Brian has often described his shows as a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and I have to say they are! ... one moment I'm feeling Brian's hurt and rejection through the moving lyrics of 'The Ballad Of Killaloe', then he takes us off to another level 'turning the dial on the radio!!' and managing to still sing about his experience of unrequited love, but with a sense of humour singing the gorgeous 'Dry your eyes mate' and the fantastically depressing 'Heaven knows I'm miserable now'!... really clever and funny!!

As well as all the old favourites we were treated to a few of the new tracks off the new album, the truly beautiful 'Silver hearts on chains', 'Homebird' the title song from the CD, and 'Every Song Is a Cry For Love', Brian's Eurovision entry which seems to have won him so many new fans. It was lovely to listen to people chatting about how they had recently discovered Brian's voice. I felt privileged and lucky to say that I first discovered Brian's voice over 13 years ago, although it doesn't really matter at what stage you have joined Brian on his musical journey, what matters is that we are lucky enough to have him share his beautiful talents with us all.

''You Raise Me Up' was` the final breathtaking performance, leaving everyone completely moved and if anything like me covered in goose bumps!!!.Then as if Brian hadn't given enough of himself already, he continued to be the warm, special person he is, by spending time with each and every person there, signing CDs, having photographs taken and generally chatting away making us all feel valued. Being the quite shy person that I am, I did what I usually do, just said 'Hello' and smiled while everything else I had to say drained out of my mind! Typical!!! I managed to thank Brian for signing my dog eared copy of 'Roman Song' [which I've read 3 times now!] As I walked away and left the venue through the large glass doors, the cold evening air wrapped itself around me as if it was waiting for my reaction, but I just stood indifferent to the change in temperature, still warm inside from the magic and pure beauty that is a Brian Kennedy show!!! What an amazing night! Thankyou Brian.

Sanda Bell, Cheshire.....
I just wanted to pass on my comments about Brian at the Bridgewater Hall with his special guest artist Don Mescall. It was a fantastic evening and mesmerising from beginning to end.  Thank so much for making an appearance afterwards and spending well over an hour signing CDs etc.

I was absolutely gutted because when I was next in line to see Brian the "security guard" said to me "no more photos" so I was upset not to be able to have my picture taken with him & this sort of put a dampener on what was a magical evening. And even more annoying was most people afterwards ignored this and carried on having their photo taken. Hopefully at another concert I may be fortunate enough to have my photo taken with Brian. Still Brian was kind enough also to sign our tickets to my mum Kathleen, who was also at the concert.

Anyway so looking forward to Brian's (and Don Mescall's, who was stunning) next appearance in the area. Best Wishes. Sandra.

Hi Brian, You did my home city proud!!  What a fantastic day and a wonderful concert.  You looked stunning as usual despite the white bread and chips!!!  I have only one complaint, it went by far too quickly!!  The old favourites and all those new ones on Homebird to get stuck into!!!  Marvellous!!

I had come down from the Skipton Hills and brought a new fan of yours with me (Bev), it was her first time and she can't wait to come to another show.

For the Eurovision, I was in Turkey so I was cheering you on from there and spreading the BK word. Anyhow, back up safely in the Yorkshire Dales with our copies of Homebird so we will be playing them loud and proud in the hills. Lots of love Deborah x