Reviews from the filming at the RTE Studios of
'Brian Kennedy 1 To Remember'

Sabrina Cleary.......
Just wanted to let everyone know that Brian's new show 'One To Remember' is going to be great, really looking forward to seeing his new series in July.

I went to the show on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Brian as always looks great his hair and suits are all to perfection and his voice sounds great too, Brian can sing any type of song, the audience had to teach him 'Alice' with Smokey on Wednesday night it was very funny!

On Tuesday night his guests were the lovely Paul Young, PJ Gallagher doing the walk of life with his newspaper (very funny) and Dr & the Medics. On Wednesday night he had Smokey, Tadhg Cooke and the lovely Baccara from Spain.

Brian was in great form and chatting between filming, the full band with Calum and Liam and of course the lovely foxettes complete the whole show.  I was lucky enough to meet Brian thanks to Ronnie after the show, he was in great form and posed for a photo thanks Brian.

Going again tonight so can't wait to do it all over again.

Hello, Just wanted to say myself and three friends attended the recording on Saturday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the series in July and August.  I am recommending it to anyone I meet. 

Brian, you are looking so well,  and you seem to be in top form. Your voice gives me so much joy.  Wishing you well for the recordings and can't wait to see you in the Olympia!!!!!  Love from a mad fan. Catherine.

Betty Connolly.......

This series is really going to be '1 to Remember' and we were lucky to be there on Friday and Saturday night for the recordings. 

As Brian walked out onto the set we noticed his now-famous hair, was completely straight......he told us later that he'd had it blow dried for the first time in about fifteen years!   He continued to entertain the audience with banter in between recording. Said he'd been hanging out with Pamela Anderson on Thursday night - "she's not as big as you think....and she's not that tall either".  Also told the audience that he's joined a gym and that his shoulders were aching - certainly didn't have any detrimental effect on his singing!!  

We've all long known that Brian can sing absolutely any kind of song  and this series will definitely prove that - don't want to spoil the show - let's just say he can strut as good as Mick Jagger any day!!!   According to the Floor Manager - another Brian - long, long days for everyone involved, rehearsing from early morning and not finishing recording until late at night and yet BK still managed to look gorgeous.  Some great guests too.  Can't wait to see the finished shows.   Videos at the ready for this one!! 

Hello to Anne and Ann  - I still don't know which of you is which, but lovely to see you again. Betty

Anne O'Connor, Dublin.....
We were lucky enough to get to a recording of Brian’s new show “1 to remember” on Saturday night.  It was a really great experience as not only do Brian and guests sing songs we all remember from way back when, but Brian sings one from his new album.  As they were recording 2 shows on Saturday, we got to hear “What you wish for” and “if you don’t believe in me” both fantastic needless to say.  Both Brian and Guests sing with the live band, so it really was a taste of things to come in the Olympia shows (14 days and counting).

Brian was relaxed through out the night, chatting away during the stops in recording and even singing “Happy Birthday” to one of the audience.  I’m sure its tough going though as the Floor Manager did say they had been there since 9am rehearsing and the recording didn’t finish until after 10pm.

It was great to meet up with Betty and Eugene again for a chat, they’re also looking forward to the Olympia shows.  We’re going again to-night – looking forward to a different song from Homebird and getting to hear Brian sing some “golden Oldies”. Anne and Ann