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Brian would like to thank everyone who sent such wonderful wishes and presents for his Big Birthday!

Paul Hession
I just want to wish you a very happy 40th birthday - I sincerely hope that you have a great day. You deserve the very best that life has to offer. I'm hoping to see you again live in the Olympia.  Best wishes. Paul

Frances, Sligo

Hi Brian, congrats on your 40th.  Life sure begins at 40 and I can testify to that. You are a wonderful person and entertainer. Hope the future brings you everything you could ever wish for.!!  Go for it!!  Regards. Frances

Melanie Stauch

Hello Brian, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all the best for your future. I hope you have a very special day. Bye Melanie

Pauline, Brackley
Happy 40th birthday Brian hope you have a great day. Welcome to the over fortys club.  Hope to see you soon. Pauline xxx

Lina Dahlrud, Sweden
Happy Birthday Brian! I can't believe your forty. Have a fantastic day. It's funny that we both have birthday this day. Many many hugs and kisses from me to you. (I hope that you do a concert in Sweden some day) Lina

Brenda Neasham, Greenhead, Cumbria
Happy Birthday Brian, congratulations on your 40th, wishing you love, peace, joy and happiness. Love and best wishes from Brenda xxx

Ingrid, Mannheim, Germany
Hello Brian, The very best wishes for your birthday. Very much looking forward to the Irish tour, and the first chance to get to see you live - here's hoping that some day you'll make it to Germany too!

Irene, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Happy birthday to you dear Brian! To wish you happiness, health, love and to your creative activities to be a great success! Yours sincerely, Irena.

Julie Robey, Leicester
Just wanted to wish Brian a very happy 40th birthday. I'm sure he'll know how to celebrate, the Irish always have a great way of doing that! Seeing him twice this year was  fantastic, he deserves everything he has achieved - such a kind, warm and gracious man.  Keep up the good work! Best wishes Julie

Nicole Durant
Just wanted to wish Brian a very very happy 40th birthday...Thinking of you on your special day and wishing you many many more years of success..... Lots of Love and every happiness.  xxxxxxxxx

Francesca, Italy

Dear Brian, On your birthday wishing you love happiness and cheer today and all through the year!!!! Buon Compeanno. Un bacio e un abbraccio fortissimo.  Francesca

Ann Redmond

Hi Brian, You don't look a day over 35.  Hope you have a wonderful, special time on your Birthday .... they say life begins!!!!!!  Enjoy.

Avril, Springwood, NSW, Australia
Happy 40th birthday Brian from the Blue Mountains in Australia.  We have missed not seeing you this year.  Hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love.

Sevket, USA

Hi Brian, Happy birthday and all the best wishes. Now that you have a Turkish fan here in US, we can say the language of music is really universal. Unfortunately I discovered your wonderful voice and music this year but I am catching up -) Hopefully, your 40th year will also bring us your third book. I am looking forward to it. And hopefully I will see you in NYC or maybe in Boston for a concert soon. All the best wishes again. Love S Yigit

Ann & Eileen, Glasgow
Happy Birthday Brian - have an absolutely fantastic day and welcome to the wonderful world of forty-something:-)  Much love xx

Lynn, Augusta, GA, USA
Echo - (For Brian, on his 40th birthday, 10/12/06)

You explain with music
That we would
Not understand
If you were
We echo
And burn
In the heat
And are glad of it
We sleep
Asking for a dream
Of song
To illuminate the
We hunger
And you give us
The portion
We need
We listen
While you turn
Life into music
And allow us
To sing your story
By your side

Happy Birthday! With love, Lynn

Conny, Netherlands
Lá breithe shona duit. Wishing you lots of love, health and happiness !!

Sally, Sunny Kent
Happy Happy 40th Birthday Brian. Have a fantastic day with all the people you care about.  Thanks for all the wonderful music you create.  Still waiting for your visit to The Riverside in Canterbury.  Love hugs and birthday wishes.  From Sallyxxxxxx

Elaine Pittaway
Much as I admire those who are talented enough to create verse my greeting is just: 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Brian, happy birthday to you'.  I think we all know the tune.  Elaine


Hi Brian, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on the 12th.  Mary

Valerie, Shrewsbury
To Brian, It's not numbers that are important but content so as each new day dawns on the rest of your life may you feel love, peace and a touch of excitement for what lies ahead.  May your birthday be special for you.  With love x

Liz, Kildare

To Love and Be Loved .., the greatest gift of all.  Hope you get some decent presents as well !!!!!  Happy 40th Brian, know that you are loved!  

Audrey and Jo
Hi Brian, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.  I hope you enjoy the day what ever you’re doing. Wow! What a year it has been you have accomplished so much. Your new album, singing in the Eurovision and an honorary degree to name but a few. I hope the following year brings you lots of fun and happiness. Lots of hugs and kisses. Audrey and Jo (my mom) xxx  Ps. we are looking forward so much to your concert in November.

Stephanie Taylor
Dear Brian, May I wish you a very Happy Birthday.  I hope you have a lovely day.  All your fans and friends all over the world  will be thinking of you and sending you our best love.  Thank you for the many beautiful songs and for just being you.  Love from Stephanie.

Christina, Edinburgh
Hi Brian, All the best for your birthday! The time and energy you take with the fans is very much appreciated and we're looking forward to the tour!

Maeve, Tipperary.
Hey Brian, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely day to match the lovely person that you are. Looking forward to hearing your gorgeous unique voice fill the Monasterevin church on the 20th. Keep singing your head off. love, Maeve & Eamonn.

Cassie, Germany
Dear Brian, I wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday from Germany, too! I hope that you'll have a wonderful day full of joy, laughter and many nice gifts! A lot of luck and success as well as a good health for the upcoming year! I hope to catch you live in concert again some day; I was very impressed at St. Patrick's Cathedral some years ago and hope that I'll get a chance for a full concert in the future! Maybe in Germany? You have fans here, too, and not just because of the Eurovision song contest... ;-) Take care and have a good time! Many greetings from Germany, Cassie

Jacqueline Anderson

Dearest Brian, Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday, may all your hopes, dreams and desires be granted, may you always love and be loved, here's to the next 40. Be happy, be healthy, be safe. Love as always Jackxxxx (The Brummie)

Jane, Scotland
Hi Brian, I have just watched you on TV showing us about your beautiful house. Popped onto your web site to find out more about you and it's your birthday soon! I hope you have a wonderful 40th birthday. All the best from Jane (Scotland - soon to be Perth WA) maybe see you next time your in Oz!!

Joan Connolly
Hi Brian, just wanted to wish you the very happiest birthday ever, you deserve a great 1 2 remember after the fabulous year you have had. I hope whatever you wish for is what you get. Forty is not so bad I first got to see you live when I turned 40 and for my 41st you sang happy birthday to me, you also gave me a hug and a kiss at a recording of 1 2 remember in RTE. Let me tell you it was the best present I ever got and I'll probably never get one as good again, thank you so much you made it 1 2 remember for me. Brian my wish for you for your birthday is LIFE LOVE AND HAPPINESS in bucket fulls. See you in Monasterevin, I cant wait till then, love always Joaniexx

Niamh, County Derry

Happy Birthday Brian. "Thank you for the music, The songs you're singing, Thanks for all the joy you're bringing."  Ah sure you know Brian, all of us fans are just daft about you! Have a great day on October the 12th. You are living proof that 29 is the new 40. Love Niamh.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN! Dear Brian! Another year has gone and welcome to the forties club! Some says life begins at that...and I can confirm it! I wish a marvellous b'day to you and to all ones you love... You're really are a beautiful person... please never change, stay so as you all we see...a deeply hearted and an "extra"-ordinary man...!

Thanks a lot for giving us your great music, your such beautiful lyrics ...a big gift for all of us who loves you...I listen to it every day since I discovered enormous pleasure for body and soul... You inspire me to follow my dreams and my heart.... Happy birthday my special friend, and as we say in Italy.... "BUON COMPLEANNO"! Have a wonderful day! Lots of love. Cinzia  P.S. I'll be in the front row on November 21st at Waterfront Hall.....I'm so happy...

Edith, Holland
Dear Brian, If you were a whiskey you would now become a very precious, rare and expensive one. Not that you haven't been special anyway before now but 40 means something special. I celebrated mine in February and went to Bruges as a special treat. Hope you will celebrate the start of your crown year in a similar beautiful place with someone or someones you love and care about. Wishing you all the best and love from Rotterdam, Edith xxx

Vicky Prieto, Cadiz, Spain
Happy Birthday from Spain, Brian! I just wanted to say that you are a great singer, but of course you already know! Your voice is marvellous. I discovered you in the Eurovision Song Contest, and when I went to Dublin that summer, I bought your "Homebird", because I couldn't find it here in Spain. As I'm only 17 years old, and a student, couldn't buy all of your discs, but I will, someday. I hope I'll be able someday to go to one of your concerts, I'm sure they must be wonderful, I'm really moved when I listen to your voice. I wish you a very happy birthday, and please: never stop singing! Thank you! Love, Vicky. PS: I can't believe you're 40, you don't even look like 30!

Aisling Kiernan, Dublin
Fab at 40....Happy Birthday BK....Hope you have a blast celebrating. Getting better looking with age young man! I think they call them the "Naughty 40's".......bring it on!! Happy Birthday Brian. Love....AISLINGxxx

Gina Rae, Glasgow
Hi Brian, Have a great 40th on the 12th hope you are spending it with all those you care about. Your music has seen me through some bad times this year and never fails to " Raise Me Up". Lots of Love. Gina

Glen Chester

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Mr Kennedy! Happy birthday to you! Have fun and remember now you can be naughty at forty!!! (40 kisses and lots of good wishes! love Glen.

Caryl, Wolverhampton
Happy 40th Brian! Hope you have a fabulous birthday. There will be many of us celebrating along with you. An excellent excuse to open a good bottle of red and listen to your velvet tones with friends! Be Happy. Caryl XXX (Come and see us again soon!)

Mark, Norwich
Hi Brian. Happy birthday. Markxx

Carol and Kathleen, Carrickfergus.
Hello Brian, We were so lucky to share the cruise with you in August - thank you for the great musical performances and also for being such a wonderful human being!  I wish you all good things on your special birthday.  Lots of love from Carol and (mum) Kathleen.

Pat Keeley

Hi Brian, Just want to wish you all the best on the big 40! They say life begins at 40 but yours has well and truly begun long ago.  Congrats on all your successes and thanks for all the joy you bring to your fans. Hope to see you soon.  Lots of love. Pat xxx

Roberta & Clive, Newtownards
40 comes to us all, some of us look like 40 but Brian you don't. Have a wonderful day on thursday, all the gang in Newtownards will be thinking about you even wee Joe, we will see you in Ballybofey next week all our love.

Jelena from far Croatia, Sisak
Dear Brian, For your Birthday get from me the best wishes, many, many happiness and smiles in your life and what other can I tell you except always be happy dear Brian!

Joan Mulcahy, Cork

Congratulations Brian.
40 is a special birthday and you deserve to have an extra special day.  What a year it's been (you must pinch yourself from time to time) so many achievements, so much success in different genres, and no doubt, so much more still to come - personally, I can't wait for Fergal - Part 3.

Thank you for sharing your talent and your time - May Love and Luck always shine brightly on you. Happy Birthday - Love, Joan.

Pete, Derby
Whatever your plans for your 40th Birthday I hope the coming years are filled with  Life, Love and Happiness!  Best wishes on your up and coming Tour! Many Happy Returns BK!

Margaret (outside Belfast)
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' BRIAN. Wishing you happiness and success always.  Cheers

Jackie Riggs
Hi Brian, like a full bodied wine, they say we all mature with age! Happy birthday, hope your day is very special. Kind Regards. Jax.

Rita, Surrey

Hi Brian, Happy 40th - have a fantastic day.  Hit my 40th last year - really scared at the prospect - but it's not so bad!  Thank you for giving us so much pleasure with your music and your voice.  Looking forward to seeing you in Belfast next month - my first ever visit to Northern Ireland.

Thomas Bryant, Macclesfield

Happy birthday Brian I cant believe your forty!!!

Katarina A, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dear Brian, Warm wishes on your 40th birthday. Hope you'll have a wonderful day and that all your birthday dreams come true. I had mine about a month ago, it wasn't fun beforehand but I survived turning 40 too ;-) I "discovered" you on the Eurovision and you made me do something I never done before, I picked up the phone and voted. Since then I managed to find most of your CD's (except the very first one) so now I'm listening to your amazing voice and great songs every day. After seeing the DVD, which took my breath away, I understand it must be a fantastic experience to see you live, I hope I get the opportunity to do that some day. You have had a fantastic year and I hope your next 40 years will be just as wonderful and filled with love and happiness. Happy Birthday! or in Swedish "Grattis på födelsedagen!" Lots of love, Katarina x

Ulla, Sweden
Dear Brian
It´s been some time since My 40th birthday, but it´s really begin then. You make so many people happy with your song and I wish that I could sing for You now, but I will save You from that. There is however a song who would explain what I feel when I hear You sing and that´s "You Light Up My Life". You really make the world a better place with your wonderful voice. So I hope You´ll have a fantastic 40th birthday. Lots of Love Ulla.

Anne, Leeds
Happy fortieth Brian. Hope you are sharing it with all the people you want to. Thanks for being you and giving so much of yourself. You give your loyal legion of fans so much pleasure in every genre you apply yourself to. There is no "Better Man!".  Anne

Bregeen and Joanne, Shannon, Co. Clare.
Happy birthday Brian.  Welcome to the 40's club.  As the saying goes, life does begin at 40.  Not sure how much better it can get for you as you seem to have had such a great life so far.  Hope to see you on your tour either in Galway or Tipp. Have a great day.  Love and kisses from Bregeen and Joanne

Tina Hooper, Grimsby
Brian welcome to the Fab 40 club. It was mine in January and I cherish the birthday card thank you very much I loved the Day so much. My friend was 40 in April and we are celebrating in Dublin from 19th October this includes your church gig at Monasterevin so all us 40 year olds will be together in one fantastic place.1966 was definitely 1 2 Remember! A Birthday Thought to a wonderful person who brings so much pleasure to so many people:-

The threads of your life
and it's finely woven pattern
Reveals its designs
To life's directions
Take one picture at a time
And you will be happy
I hope what comes your way
Is all that you deserve

There's something about you
A look in your eyes
Now and forever you will be
Someone who "Captured My Heart"
Happy Birthday. Love Always Tina x x x

Melanie, Shropshire 
Have a wonderful 40th birthday surrounded by the people you love and do something outrageous that you will never forget. (As I plan to when I reach 40 next year! Oh my god 40!!!) Still life is supposed to begin at 40, so enjoy the beginning of the best days of your life - Things can only get better from hereon and I can't wait to see what the future brings..

Katy Henderson, (Glasgow)
Hi Brian, Happy 40th Birthday!! welcome to the Forties LOL a bit ahead of you there though... thanks for all your music and fun you have given so far and here's to the next 40 years!!! Can't wait to see you in Belfast in November and I will give you your birthday kiss a good wine Brian you get better and better with age!!!!! lots love and kisses KatyXXXXXXXX

Nassim, Linz am Rhein , Germany
Dear Brian, Happy Birthday and many happy returns from your biggest fan in Germany. I hope to see you as soon as possible live in the UK. Of course it could much better if you come to Cologne... I will be your free translator! All the best! Nassim

Christina Brailsford

You`ve made so many people happy with your wonderful talents in the last 40 years, so now its our turn to wish you Love, Life and Happiness in every thing that you do, and just remember your really 18 with 22 years of experience. Have a Wonderful day surrounded by all that you love. 

Julia B, Sydney, Australia

Hi Brian!  The end of an incredible birthday year and you have the world at your feet! If I could have one new birthday wish for you it would be: that you keep going on this road to success and at the same time manage to stay true to yourself!  Have a wonderful day, a great year ahead, and many thanks for the pleasure you've given so many people around the world!  And incidentally Brian, life really does begin at 40 - please believe one who knows!  Love and Best Wishes, Julia

Carol Butler (Kilbarchan, Scotland)
Hi Brian,
My 40th birthday celebration included a girls weekend to Dublin to see you in concert (22nd October 2004).  To make it extra special you kindly signed a birthday card for me and to my surprise & amazement you sang ''Happy Birthday'' to me at the end of show signing.  That was one birthday I'll never, ever forget....thank you so much!

So now it's my turn to wish you a happy 40th birthday!  I would sing for you in return but alas I was not blessed with your wonderful voice & this is suppose to make you feel special & loved so I won't put you through it.  Just know that I am thinking of you on your special day as you were on mine. 
Have a blast! Love Carol

Anne-Clare, Age 7, Glasgow
Hope you have a very special birthday.......lots of love. Anne-Clare

Catherine Deith, Glasgow
Happy 40th Birthday Brian. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love from Catherine

Sarah Phillips, Sussex
Happy 40th Birthday, Brian!  I hope you have a wonderful day :o)  Love Sarah.

Veronica in Birmingham
Mr Kennedy :) 
Hope you have a wonderful birthday - if the saying is true that life really does begin at 40 then you're in for a good time if the last few years are anything to go by!! I'm looking forward to travelling over to see your concert at the Waterfront in November - wishing you all the best for that and the rest of the Irish tour. Sing your heart out Brian!
Best wishes and many many happy returns  lots of love, Veronica in Birmingham

Leanne McGillion
Hi Brian!!! Happy birthday, you just younger lookin every year!!! Comin to see ya in Ballybofey!!!can't wait!!  Hope u have  a great birthday! You deserve it after such a hectic year!!!! lots of love, Leanne xox

Claire Groves

Dear Brian, You have had quite a year so far and now you are turning 40! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you have a big celebration planned.  I am a firm believer in the theory that if you give kindness and all that is good about yourself  to people you will get it back a hundred fold, your beautiful voice, your books and your time for which all your fans are extremely grateful.  Thanks Brian, hope to see you back in England soon, oh and Happy Birthday!  love Clare from Cheshire X

Sonia Boylan, Warrenpoint, Co.Down
Hey Brian ! happy birthday!! You could fool for me for a mere 30 year old! but here's to another 40 years ! Hope you enjoy it and get everything you wish for cus u deserve it! Love your music and the way you sing with such emotion and cant wait till I see you in concert in Belfast and Banbridge! Love Sonia xx

Ross "Rosko" Mitchell, Forfar, Angus, Scotland
Brian, Best wishes for a fantastic 40th birthday from all who have shared in your artistic journey. It should be us thanking you (again) for the many years of enjoyment you have provided to us all. I will raise a glass to you on your special day.  May all that comes to you bring you joy and happiness - and don't worry, 40 isn't really that sore, it just stings a bit occasionally!  Love, best wishes and here's to many more..........

Kelly Hynes
Happy birthday Brian! I hope your day and your 40th year are the best ever! You make so many people happy with your beautiful heart and your wonderful music! You deserve all the adulation and adoration that your songs and stories inspire! Luv and best wishes Kelly.

Cameron and Audrey Marshall, Scotland
Love and light to you on your special day. May the muses sing your praises, as you deserve the best.  You are such a sweet person with gifts we are lucky to share.  I am honoured to be able to listen to your voice.  Since asking about you in record shops in Glasgow in the early 90s after you toured with Fairground Attraction, and being looked at with quizzical eyes asking "Who is that?", I am pleased now that is no longer the case and the public are now able to appreciate your music on a wider scale.  The boy hasn't gone from those days, just the man has emerged bringing maturity and skill to the raw talent I saw all those years ago.  May you keep on growing Brian.  All l our love from Scotland.

Tracey Prideaux
Hi Brian, wanted to say a Very HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to a very special fella. I hope you have 1 to remember! As always a BIG thank you for your music and for just being such a
genuine guy. There is no Better Man!  With love and best wishes. Tracey

40 reasons to celebrate 'YOU' on your 40th birthday!!
1) Talented                                      21) Fabulous!
2) Generous                                    22) Funny
3) Beautiful (inside & out!)                 23) Humble
4) Thoughtful                                    24) Caring  
5) Sensitive                                      25) Open
6) Giving                                          26) Charming
7) Modest                                        27) Genuine
8) Grounded                                     28) Warm
9) Patient                                         29) Friendly
10) Kind                                           30) Handsome
11) Witty                                          31) Professional
12) Hardworking                                32) Inspiring
13) Soulful                                        33) Stylish
14) Intelligent                                    34) Determined
15) Creative                                      35) Sincere
16) Gentle                                        36) Gracious
17) Pure                                           37) Striking
18) Great mover!!!                              38) Lovely
19) Honest                                        39) Breathtaking
20) Special                                        40) YOU!
Have a great day Brian! get spoilt and have fun!!  Love always Joanne x

Laura Thomas
Hey Brian, just wanted to wish you a fantastically fabulous 40th Birthday. I hope you have a marvellous one and celebrate in style! You have brought so much happiness to people with your voice, music and writing - you deserve to have a truly special day. Here's to the big four-o!  With lot of love, Laura x

Marie-Agnès Lachèze, Nantes (France)
Dear Brian, Another great year has passed and a new one is beginning for you... It is often said that "Life begins at 40" so what do you have in store for us for the next 40 years? I really hope you are going to have a wonderful birthday and that all your dreams will come true in the twelve months to come... You really deserve it! Thank you so much for all the happiness you give us: you are such a gifted man!

"Today is your day to celebrate
Your day to be the star
So let the ones you love all cheer
And say how special you are
A year of fun and happiness
Is my birthday wish for you
You are someone special
And your birthday should be too!"

Happy 40th Birthday Brian and as we say here in France "JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE"!  Regards and all the best for the future (I am really looking forward to the third novel!) Marie-Agnès

Gemma Howard, Dublin
I just wanted to wish you a very happy 40th birthday. What a wonderful year you have had, a new album, representing Ireland in the Eurovision, concerts and your own TV show, so many highlight to choose from! I would like to thank you though for all of the above. What a fantastic time my Aunt and I have had seeing you over the year and cheering you on in the Eurovision. You made my birthday this year '1 to Remember' when you sang Happy Birthday to me in the Olympia. I hope your birthday is as special for you and that you get everything you wish for! Have a wonderful day! Wishing you every success and happiness... Gemma xxx

Jennifer Handley, Dublin
I know they say Life Begins At 40 but what more could a fella do?? What a year you have had and what a year we have had trying to keep up with ya !  Hope you have a wonderful 40th Birthday and thank you for all the joy you have given us with your music, books, tv etc. etc.  Now that you are 40 'Be Careful What You Wish For'! Have a great day and here's to another successful year.  Have a great life! One of your biggest fans. Jennifer